5' Pull Type Plow


Now made with a 3"x14" Solid Grade 50 Steel Shank

Maximum Cut 5’ 3"         Pull up to 8” Tile

5' PlowNoBack

This 5’ Plow was made for the demand of my customers.  

This smaller plow works well for running smaller 3-4” tile lines between existing lines in the field.

  • Under frame clearance of 6’ 4”
  • Approx. weight 7,500 lbs.
  • Tire size 425-22.5
  • Same 27 degree slope as all other Johnson Drainage Plows


  • Clearance - under frame clearance and placing the tires wider allows for  trash and rocks can flow easier. 
  • Slope of the Boot – I have tried as steep at 50 degrees and as flat at 22 degrees.  On the high end, the plow pulled difficult in hard ground.  On the low side, we found that very little black dirt fell back on top of the tile.  After 20+ years, I’ve found that with a 27 degree slope on the boot it pulls easier, good amounts of black soil on top of the tile, and the plow stays on grade better in a wide variety of conditions…even in frozen ground.
  • Size of Boot - The front of the boot is now a little wider to keep the dirt from smearing on the side of the ditch, providing better drainage. I've also found that by making the boot longer, (from an original 4 1/2 feet to a current 10 1/2 feet) I have no problem holding grade at 1/10 of grade per 100’.
  •  Shape of Boot – The plow now carries a ‘V’ bottom the entire length of the boot.  Current tile guides for the Midwest area recommend a ‘V’ bottom plow.  The biggest advantage is this feature is how it helps the tile to maintain it’s round shape.

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