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Johnson Drainage Plows are built to withstand the rigors of ripping through the soils of your field without pre-ripping.  This original design (not a copy) had its birthday in 1986.  Even then it was built as a pull type plow.  This design allows for pulling with multiple tractors via the dual hitch.  It is pulled completely by the draw bar.  These plows can easily pull around curves and corners.  

While farming 900+ acres, I have gone from virtually no tile to 100% pattern tiled farm ground.  When comparing the 2- three year periods from 1989-1991 to 1997-1999, I hauled on average 22,000-25,000 more bushels of corn off the same ground.  No more fertilizer, just more tile.  During the same period my soybean yield increased by 3500-4000 bushels.  We have the farm record to prove it.

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